What is MDDB?

The MycoDiversity DataBase (MDDB) has been developed for two main reasons. First, the MDDB facilitates the navigation and search of public fungal metabarcoding studies. Secondly, it increases the usability of metabarcoding data obtained from sequence read archives, in particular from the NCBI SRA.

Data contained from MDDB was obtained by associating data from different public domains: literature repositories, metabarcoding studies, barcoding data and taxonomic reference databases. 

The MDDB includes the integration of fungal metabarcoding data of environmental samples to ecology and taxonomy. 

The MDDG allows the detection of fungal biodiversity and distribution. 

The development of this web interface aims to provide a user friendly navigational tool for fungal barcoding data selection from published HTS data as well as auxiliate research with the understanding of the global fungal diversity and distribution.  

The extension of the filtering methods and applications aim to become a supportive source for global scale analyses of patterns in fungal biodiversity and distribution, in addition to assisting evolutionary and ecological research on fungi.